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Occasionally your pet may need some prescribed medicines, and you will find yourself in search of a veterinary pharmacy. At Islington Village, we are committed to offering you a one-stop shop for all your companion needs, including prescription refills.

Which pharmacies sell veterinary drugs?

You can get pet prescriptions and medications from dedicated veterinary pharmacies, which are different from the human pharmacies. When looking for a pet pharmacy in Toronto, the best thing to do is to look for one which is conveniently located and is offering affordable prices.

In our hospital, we have a pet care section from where you can get the prescribed drugs directly after your visit to the veterinarian. Our pharmacy is also available in case of any emergency or when you are regularly shopping for your pet's chronic conditions. We have a well-stuffed stock for conventional treatments of pet ailments like itching, infections, blood pressure, digestive issues, or seizures.

Benefits of buying from a pet pharmacy

You can get a conventional treatment for your pet from a physical store or a web-based pharmacy. There are several benefits that you may want to consider when shopping at a pet pharmacy in Toronto compared to the ones from the virtual space:

  • Direct contact with your specialized pharmacist who can assist with any medication-related questions you may have
  • Prescribed meds are available only in a physical store
  • Additional accessories like litter sand, toys or grooming items which you can actually see and test before you buy them
  • You can find some other pet health-related products like food supplements or vitamins. Based on your pet requirements, the pharmacist can recommend a special diet for your pet to follow
  • Some pharmacies are offering also grooming services for your pet
  • Maybe the most important aspect of a physical shop is that it can provide a guarantee related to the origin and the quality of the drugs you just bought
  • Reduced time to wait for your medications

Regardless of where you bought the drugs, you have to make sure that they are in proper condition when received, with seals intact and within the expiration date. If they do not meet any of these conditions, you should avoid giving them to your pet before checking with a specialist.

Can I get a prescription from the pharmacy?

A pet pharmacy in Toronto will prepare the medications as per veterinarian indications but will not be in the position to give you a prescription. It is not possible for the pharmacist to do further investigations like lab tests or an X-ray if required. A visit to your vet will prove vital for checking your pet's health condition and getting proper treatment if this is the case.

At Islington Village hospital, we have the qualified personnel to identify any health issues and to assist you with the correct treatment for your pet. From our pharmacy conveniently located inside the hospital, you can then procure the prescribed medication.

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