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Are you looking to buy weed seeds? If so, look no further! Homegrown Cannabis Co. is the number one choice for beginner and experienced cannabis farmers alike. When you need weed seeds, then you need quality and reliability, and that's exactly what we pride ourselves on here at the Homegrown Cannabis Co. When you purchase cannabis seeds from us, there is no need to be concerned. You will get what you pay for every time!

Choose from a Great Selection of Premium Cannabis Seeds

We know that our growers love variety, and that is why we carry a very large selection of cannabis seeds. To make choosing your seeds even more convenient, the Homegrown Cannabis Co. 'rooms' all of our seeds into distinct categories based on the primary effects of the strains and their areas of specialty. Consider one example of our cannabis seed rooms:

Space Travel

This is the room that we keep all of our art and creativity-enhancing strain seeds. A lot of people mistakenly refer to these kinds of strains as "tunnel vision" strains because, when you are high on them, you can only concentrate on one thing at a time. However, you're able to really hone in on that one thing with incredible precision. Here are some of the Space Travel room seeds that we are promoting at the moment:

  • Girl Scout Cookies x Sour Diesel Feminized
  • White Widow x Ak-47
  • Strawberry Cheese Autoflower
  • Strawberry Banana Feminized
  • CBD Girl Scout Cookies Feminized
  • Blue Dream Feminized

In each room, you'll be able to adjust the categories to include, Autos, Feminized, Regular, and CBD to narrow down your options.

Buying Marijuana Seeds from a Reputed Seed Bank

When you buy weed seeds, it is crucial that you purchase them from a reputed seed bank. If not, you might end up getting ripped off. Just browse the web, and you'll see countless nightmare stories of people who trusted an online seed bank, and they either didn't get what they paid for, or they get ripped off outright!

How Weed Seed Websites Rip Buyers Off

A lot of online sites are crash and burn sites, meaning that someone will create a website selling cannabis seeds online. They'll set up payment processing as a 'beauty products' vendor so they can accept payments easily, and they'll use aggressive marketing tactics to get their site in front of weed seed buyers. These scammers get a bunch of money, and they may or may not send any seeds at all. If they do send some seeds, the seeds are rarely what they are advertised to be! Then, the scammers close their websites and the PayPal accounts and start new ones to do it all over again.

Buy Weed Seeds Safely

When you are ready to purchase premium cannabis seeds from us, you'll have several payment options available to you, including the following:

  • Crypto
  • ACH
  • Instant wire
  • Bank wire
  • Credit card

All of our seeds are guaranteed, and we'll make it up to you if anything goes wrong with your order.

Buy Weed Seeds